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Trustee Message

Smt. Veena S. Timmanagoudar
Trustee, Prism PU Science College

Dear Parents,

Prism PU Science College is a wonderful place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved and have a meaningful College experience. I strongly believe, that an educational institute is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and enriching experiences that last a lifetime. Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning processes. Education is no exception. My mission is to create a niche where learning will not be just series of instructions but a passion, which goes beyond books, beyond instructions and beyond learning horizons.

We believe in motivating and getting the best out of the Students coupled with positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior. We focus on encouragement, enthusiasm and affection, rather than criticism, fear and punishment. We constantly work to develop a sense of discipline and a good moral character, where all students are expected to conform to high disciplinary standards and to develop values of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity and fortitude.

Students shall, at all times, be the primary focus, and each Students will be involved in the learning process. A good educational process helps a Students to nurture his/ her talents and overcome shortcomings by providing appropriate, all-encompassing education. This enables the Students to develop his/ her personality and equips the Student to face the challenges of life.

We strongly believe that the important thing is not to stop questioning. Hence, the purpose of the education received by our Students is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Prism PU Science College motivates its teachers to provide an atmosphere for discovery, where students are encouraged to be creative and curious, instead of routinely loading the Students with academic burden.

I will continuously try my best to improve communication with parents and the community so that everybody is updated about College activities and programmers, so that they may reflect and revert with suggestions and appreciations. I congratulate and thank all the parents for having faith in us and entrusting us with the responsibility of bringing out the best in their son/ daughter. Let me assure you, that together, we will set new standards and redefine our potential and make you feel proud of your son/ daughter achievements during his/ her stay with us.


'A' ttitude

We recognize the importance of a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to pursue a wide range of intellectual, sporting and social activities


Timmanagoudar Education Academy's is an inclusive independent,
co-educational school which mirrors and practices the best educational techniques. It provides the highest quality education to children and young people of all nationalities within a safe and caring environment.

'C' haracter

To Contribute exemplary human beings to the community and the nation by providing the impetus and the infrastructure for the all round personal enrichment of all children-intellectually, physically, morally and spiritually, irrespective of caste, creed, & social status.

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